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Solutions for your Business

iLabs Technologies offers a wide range of Integrated Solutions designed with simplicity in mind to simplify your business. iLabs Technologies Integrated Solutions adds indispensable management capabilities and scales to accommodate growing numbers of users, applications and servers, securely, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Scale up your innovation

As enterprises adopt IoT devices and manufacturers develop enterprise tools, there is a shared responsibility to ensure data is fortified against attacks.


iLabs Technologies works in close partnership with technology providers globally to be able to provide state of the art Software as a Service products and solutions in the field of IoT, Smart City and IoT Security. These vendors are selected because they have been developed in accordance to our sustainable development objectives and State of the Art (SOTA) Security Framework.

These solutions have either been certified by iLabs Technologies, other certifications labs or have proven interoperability with international standards and reference architectures. These solutions can be delivered as a Software as a Service model and cover the whole life cycle from Strategy Definition, Design, Development, Life Cycle Management and Assurance. For the development of a Strategy or High Level Architecture.

iLabs Technologies works together with BizzDesign to support distributed teams with Digital Transformation Decision Making, Business Modelling and High Level Architecture Design. To evaluate new technologies like Biometrics or Block Chain iLabs Technologies works together with partners like NokNok and Evernym to take away the technical challenges to be able to focus on the specific use case or business outcome.


iLabs Technologies offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex IoT Security and AI challenges of your organization.

Our Security Architect Specialists drive industry-leading research and development in Internet of Things, Trustworthy Execution, Anti-Malware, Cyber Intel, Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, Identity, Privacy and Safety. 


The rise of Internet of Things and the digitalization of business mean greater reliance on Information Communication Technology (ICT). The security surrounding ICT infrastructure and the data it handles will become even more critical in the digital environment.

The world is becoming increasingly connected. The Internet of Things and the digitalization of business means a greater reliance on ICT. While this will bring huge opportunities, it will also lead to an increase in risk. The Security, ICT Infrastructure and the Data it handles will become even more critical in the digital environment.

iLabs Technologies works together with data technology providers to create insights from data streams to innovate and make smarter decisions based on facts, instead of a gut feeling. Being data driven is about giving the business decision makers the power to explore data and make predictions based on facts.

Quickly visualize and discover insights from your data and collaborate across teams.


Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next (IoT) project? Let us guide you. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At iLabs Technologies, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.

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