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It’s not the data itself that is valuable, it’s the actionable insights that it can generate. With the data in place the engagement database powers multiple interactions and experiences by liberating the full potential of data at any scale to detect anomalous patterns within complex data streams.

Combining advanced predictive analytics and cognitive algorithms are based on the scientific disciplines of artificial intelligence and signal processing which are crucial factors in leveraging these operational advantages is the time-to-insight and time-to-action.


At iLabs Technologies we love science and we love computing, don't get us wrong. But the reality is we care about big data because it can bring value to our companies, our lives, and the world.

We integrate key system data streams into a distributed data ecosystem that enables fast respond to constantly changing data, market factors and business demands.

A dedicated engagement database provides the ability to scale without performance loss and to have a viable amount of resource necessary to manage and to identify automated correlation against detection as well as user driven querying and analysis.


Discovering and understanding sustained changes in data streams through advanced analytics and dynamic step-by-step processing​.

Analysts can investigate data across multiple dimensions within a distributed data ecosystem and discover correlations between seemingly unrelated events, map activity patterns based on origin, and identify critical vulnerabilities across enterprise systems and networks.


IoT security is a particular area where standard IoT devices don’t meet typical defense security needs. iLabs Technologies have unique capabilities and tools to define a custom (IoT) Security Framework based on a customer specific industry, region or solution.

Security data analytics aims to minimize the risks associated with the technology and to enable analysts to classify as well as categorize cyber threats. Securing data comes with unique challenges besides being a high-value target.

We help organizations to draft a list of security criteria smart technology vendors and service providers need to meet to reinforce their security defenses.


We are entrepreneurial and creative in our approach and always have your interests at heart, maintaining continuous dialogue and working together to conduct forensic investigation to reinforce strengthen your defenses.

You need a solution that encompasses multiple technologies and a toolbox to integrate them.

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