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Managed Services

Blockchain as a Service (BAAS)

The security of the internet is very fragmented as every industry and region is launching their own initiatives adding more and more silos. Governments and commercial organizations have been building centralized databases for digital identities and personal data. Every day you read reports of data breaches, identity theft and cybercrime. When more than 20 billion devices are on the internet this model is no longer sustainable.

Solving the fragmentation problem begins with a disruptive innovation for digital identities. To establish a Trustworthy Internet of Everything you need an identity that you really own yourself: a self-sovereign identity with verifiable claims. This enables any person, organization, or thing to interact directly with each other in a trustworthy fashion.

iLabs Technologies has a strategic partnership with Evernym, the developers of SOVRIN. The only open source based public distributed ledger (blockchain) with a trust framework and governance body "The Sovrin Foundation". iLabs Technologies provides the Blockchain as a Service (BAAS) based on the State of the Art technology from Evernym on a pay per use basis.

Crypto as a Service (CAAS)

Today the protection of sensitive data and the signing of digital transactions has been broken. And shortly with the arrival of quantum computing we need to apply disruptive innovation for

cryptography. To be able to protect sensitive information across different cloud service providers and datacenters we need a state of the art crypto services approach.

To help organizations with the design, development and deployment of data protection and digital signing we have partnered with the leader in Crypto: Cryptomathic. iLabs Technologies provides Crypto as a Service (CAAS) based on the technology from Cryptomathic. Our customers and partners can now leverage the State of the Art from Cryptomathic for Hardware Security based cloud data protection services and eIDAS based digital certificates and qualified trust services.

Identity as a Service (IDAAS)

iLabs Technologies provides one Digital Identity as a Service Platform for the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence based on their partnership with Forgerock. This solution is ready for Open Banking / PSD2, GDPR, IoT / Edge Security, Mobile Connect, eIDAS and many other specifications. This State of the Art Identity Service can be provided on a pay per use basis and in compliance with the highest security standards on a dedicated Docker container based Dev/Ops environment. iLabs will provide the Security Framework, Reference Architectures and best practices for a Trustworthy Identity Service and support with the Security and Privacy by Design, Secure Development, Testing & Certification and Continuous Assurance.



iLabs Technologies works in close partnership with technology providers globally to be able to provide state of the art Research and Software as a Service products and solutions in the field of IoT, Smart City and IoT Security.

Built on an infrastructure you can trust designed to drive enterprise transformation.

Advanced Research

iLabs Technologies provides Advanced Research in IoT Security and Smart City Solutions Design, Testing and Certification, Innovation Centre and Exclusive Event Services, System Integration & Managed Smart City and Security Services.

Main expertise is in technologies like BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence, Identity Services, Quantum Safe Crypto Services, Cyber Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Certification Frameworks.

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